Interesting facts about teeth

There is a set of interesting, informative, and sometimes amusing facts, stories, the customs connected with teeth. There’re some of them:

  • 99% of all calcium being in a human body is concentrated in teeth and bones.
  • The strongest substance of a human body — tooth enamel.
  • Hippocrates, was convinced that the first teeth of the child is formed of milk therefore gave them the name "milk teeth".
  • By traditions of many people the mythical being collects the dropped-out milk teeth. It can be a tooth fairy or a tooth mouse.
  • In Ancient Rome there was a technique of bleaching teeth by means of urine. True, it is unknown whether it was effective.
  • Sticks with the fluffed-up tips were the first toothbrushes.
  • The first electric toothbrush was patented after World War II in Switzerland. It worked from an electric network. The electric toothbrush became popular quickly. Today 12% of people use electric toothbrushes worldwide.
  • Development of new toothbrush models happens constantly. According to statistics, since the 60s of the last century, have been patented in more than 3000 models of toothbrushes.
  • In the USA it is illegal to sell in stores toothbrushes on Saturday.
  • One in two Americans believes smile the most memorable first impression about a person.
  • The first toothpaste in the tube format, let out in 1892, carried the name "Dr. Shefield’s Creme Dentifrice".
  • Each year in the United States bought 53 million liters of toothpaste. This amount of paste can fill almost 30 Olympic swimming pools.
  • Japanese scientists have come to the conclusion that the people cleaning teeth three times a day, suffer from excess weight is much less common. In a study of lifestyle was attended by 14 thousand of people.
  • According to the statistics, 60% of people over the age of 65 have a full set of natural teeth. However, the statistics do not indicate which countries of the world these studies were conducted.
  • After the death of the famous Isaac Newton one of his teeth was sold in 1727 for 4650 dollars. The aristocrat who bought a tooth, put it in the ring.
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