Otoplasty (plastic ears)

The well known Italian artist of the Renaissance Raphael Santi described an ideal auricle: "Ears should be neither too small nor too big. The external edge has to have pleasant color of a pomegranate seed and the ear has to be pleasantly bent". Centuries passed since the artist had described an ideal ear. And only by 1900 the medicine had been at such level that became really possible to carry out the first attempts of plastic auricle surgery. The first operations were performed by the German surgeon Jacques Joseph.

Currently otoplasty or ear surgery is a general term for plastic auricle surgery: eliminating protruding (droopy ears), correction of relief defects, size and shape of ears. Reconstructive otoplasty is restoring the entire ear or part thereof.

The operation to remove droopy ears must perform one essential condition. The fact that pinnae complete growing at about 8 years old and therefore before this age it’s impossible to make a correct finding of protruding ears. The other operations on auricle shape correction may take place at any age.

Auricle shape corrections are usually outpatient surgeries. Operations are carried out under local anesthesia, and their duration is usually from 40 minutes to 1,5 hours.

The level of development of modern plastic surgery gives the chance to give to auricles absolutely natural harmonious form and that’s important, without noticeable traces of carrying out operation. On a back surface of an auricle is a section which hides after healing in a natural furrow behind an ear.

Within 1,5 - 2 months after operation it’s necessary to refrain from occupations by contact sports for the purpose of prevention a trauma of auricles.

Usually, 2 weeks later after operation a postoperative scar is completely invisible to look outside.

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