About Augmentation Mammoplasty

There are several types of mammoplasty:

Surgery increases (breast endoprosthesis). The purpose of this operation is to:

  • increase the breast and improve its shape, giving elasticity;
  • correct breast asymmetry, reduce and eliminate sagging breasts in the postnatal period (postnatal atrophy).

In these cases, transactions are conducted with the use of special implants (prostheses). Implants vary in texture, shell, size, shape and filler. They are made of tear- and pressure-resistant material. The gel filler allows a long-term preservation of form and feeling of natural fabric. These implants may be in the body for 15 or even more years, further it’s possible to replace them new. The cut, in most cases, can be determined by the patient's request. Anatomic features of the individual patient might require the implant under the pectoral muscle or between the pectoral muscle and gland. Areola and nipple enlarge proportionally. In normal an operation ends with cosmetic suturing of the incision.

There are several methods of breast reduction:

  • Liposuction. This method is conservative, leaves no postoperative sutures. However, the operation involves several conditions. Breast reduction should be negligible, and the descent of the breast should’t be expressed by a power.
  • The method of short (vertical) seam. It’s popular among patients. The advantages of this method – is a sensitive nipple, more natural breast shape, a small duration of the operation, a low rate of complications.
  • T-bar (anchor cut). It’s a classic method of breast reduction. It’s recommended to use with a large volume of resection. Disadvantages: rather long duration of surgery and length of seams.

Cosmetic skin sutures are applied with absorbable and non-absorbable materials. These materials besides good healing provide also excellent esthetic effect.

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