Hair Transplant Minsk

It’s impossible for any person who’s faced with the problem of heavy hair loss to feel himself comfortable and attractive. Hair transplantation helps to get rid of this problem and find self-confidence. This technique appeared in our country not so far ago and only starts winning popularity.

 It is a very laborious and complicated operation. But this is the only way to regain your hair, because hair can’t grow where it’s already dropped out, and the hair follicles are dead, it’s impossible.

There are a lot of treatments to hair growth. But its positive impact – just as a mean to strengthen and improve the quality of hair. In addition, these tools can remove the skin manifestation of seborrhea. But they can’t recover the lost hair…

Hair transplantation surgery allows to grow hair in the bold for a long time areas of the head. This operation allows a person to change an appearance, to become younger, free of complexes. But this’s not so easy and fast as might be desired.

One operation restoring indumentums is possible on a large area. But the more the area is the growth of transplanted hair less.

A reoperation requires in order to make the transplanted hair thicker and to increase the area of transplantation. As the patient's own hair taken from the back of the head uses as transplant, it has all inherent properties. Transplanted hair begins to grow in 3-4 months after surgery. It grows slowly, the result of the operation will be quite obvious in 6-8 months.

The operation is rather long, takes some hours. But the patient doesn't feel discomfort. Local anesthesia is used. It’s possible to consider a postoperative scar on a nape (it’s a minus of operation). Its size is directly proportional to number of replaced hair. And, certainly, the patient has to understand that completely restore the lost indumentums, such it was in his youth, is impossible. But, nevertheless, the esthetic result of operation will always please the patient.

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