Skin pigmentation

After 40 years, almost all people begin suffering from pigment spots appearing on the skin of the body. The main and most common cause of such pigmentation is age. But the appearance of hyperpigmentation at an earlier age is a serious reason to question the state of health. Gradually, with age, the skin cells lose their ability to produce a fixed number of melanin pigments. It shows that internal organs (a liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs) are no longer able to provide the body detoxification fully. As a result, free radicals leave out of the body through the skin. In this case dark spots arrive on the body.

At an early age pigment spots appear usually in connection with:

• hormonal changes (at pregnancy, at long reception of contraceptives);

• the reception of some medicines;

• using low-quality cosmetics.

At the same time the appearance of pigment spots may be accompanied by:

• skin diseases;

• some female diseases (ovarian dysfunction, inflammatory processes of urogenital system);

• disorders of the liver, thyroid gland, biliary dyskinesia

Very often pigment spots may be the result of abuse solarium or uncontrolled exposure to the sun, because melanin is a protective reaction of the skin to ultraviolet rays.

In the most cases, spots can be treated successfully, perhaps even their complete disappearance. To achieve desirable result, it is necessary and especially important in an initiation of treatment to concentrate attention not on the solution of esthetic problems only, but on the reason which has caused them. Sometimes hyperpigmentation disappears independently after recovers a disease provoking it. Therefore, it is necessary to begin treatment with search of the reason which has caused hyperpigmentation. For this purpose it is necessary to consult with the expert, or it’s even better – with several experts.

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